Are you a VIP member? You should be!


As a VIP Member you can get up to 15% Off Every Purchase, Everyday! All you have to do is bring your Shocking VIP Pass and present it at checkout. It's that easy! Don't have a VIP Pass? Don't worry, we'll give you one absolutely free!

How It Works

Your VIP Pass keeps track of how much you spend at Shockwaves Music! The more you spend the more you save!

$0 - 1% Discount

$300 - 3% Discount

$500 - 5% Discount

$1000 - 10% Discount

$1500 - 15% Discount

If you spend $500 in one month, you get 5% off every purchase for the entire next month! That's all there is to it! Just swipe your VIP Pass and it takes care of the rest!

Shocking VIP Pass

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As a VIP Member, you get 1% off every purchase when you use your VIP Pass. The more you spend, the bigger your discount becomes for the following month. A month is a calendar month, running from the 1st until the last day of the month. Any purchases made during that month are summed together to determine your discount for the next calendar month. For instance, if you spend $1000 in January, you get 10% off every purchase in February. Your discount will always be equal to the amount spent the previous month. If you don't maintain that discount, don't worry, you simply go back to the 1% until you've spent the required balance. 

The Fine Print

To sign up to be a VIP Member, you must provide a Name, valid Phone Number, and email. A one-time 3% discount will be awarded on your first purchase when you sign up. Discounts are given on a per month basis, and do accumulate with other months. VIP Discounts are not valid on items on Sale, Clearance, or Special Order, but the dollar amounts do count toward your total. With Special Orders, the total will be applied on the day that you pick up the item. Layaways do not count toward the VIP total until the full amount has been paid. Customers achieving the 15% Off Discount status will maintain that status until the end of the month, or until a $500 total savings cap has been achieved, whichever comes first. If savings cap has been fulfilled, customer will maintain a 10% discount for the remainder of the month. VIP Discounts are currently valid in-store only.